What are the Goals of an Optimized Sales Territory Planning?

The success of sales territory planning is dependent on the performance of the sales force assigned in the field. The sales reps perform at their best when there is a balance in their assignment of customers, potential for sales, and resources that should be used to cover all customers. This balance can be achieved by undergoing through an optimized sales territory planning. You should regular review your sales territory plan because it may already need realignment to become optimized. Optimization of the plan should be done regularly to fully exploit the sales field and discover new possibilities for the business.

The most common goals of having an optimized sales territory plan are:

  1. To have equal workload distribution among sales reps in all territories and branches of the business
  2. To increase the sales volume of the business from the existing customer base to creating a new source of customers
  3. To decrease the cost of sales such as expenditure of sales reps when traveling to aid their customers
  4. To provide the best possible customer care
  5. To provide extensive customer coverage in the entire territory

To achieve these goals, you always need to evaluate the present situation of the business. This can be done easily if your business has a sales territory map that you can review. You can easily identify the strengths and weaknesses of your territories. This is the start to optimizing the sales territory plan to achieve your business goals.

The sales territory map shows a picture of how the business performs in the sales field. Therefore, you should make sure that you end up with one when you conclude the entire sales territory planning. Review the sales territory map regularly to see if your sales force is still aligned. Realign your territories as needed to ensure that you do not deviate from the goals of having an optimized sales territory plan.


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