Who should be Involved in Your Sales Territory Project?

A quick list of persons would include your sales manager, your VPs, your sales personnel and the people who will perform the actual sales territory planning. Let’s start from the bottom of the ranks.

You need the sales personnel to get involved because they’re the ones who will be collecting the data. They’re the best persons to provide you with facts about the local scene and the obstacles that they have to overcome. They’ll know which aspects you’ll be able to take advantage of as well. So never forget the little guys. They’re the ones who get the most up to date data.

Next are the Sales managers. They’ll have the collated data for each territory that they handle. So you’ll be receiving your graphs and indices from these guys. Much like your sales personnel, they’ll have updated knowledge of the territory. Unlike the sales personnel, they’ll have a more objective and broader point of view. They’ll be receiving data from multiple sales people and will be in the best position to give you the general lay of the land.

You’re VPs come into the picture because you’ll naturally have to report everything to them. Upper management needs to be constantly kept up to date of what’s happening.

Finally there are the people who will be doing the actual sales planning. This group can include a number of the previously mentioned groups or none of them. It all boils down to whether the company wants to perform the sales territory planning internally or externally.

An internal planning team is good because people who actually work for the company will know it very well. It’s also cheaper to do it this way but it’s not always ideal because the group might not have enough experience. On the other hand, hiring an external team or consultants is more expensive but they’ll be more experienced. They do this regularly and will be more aware of what to focus on.

It all boils down to what management wants. As long as the data is accurate and objective, the sales territory planning can be performed by either an external or an internal team.


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